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Mary Alex Daniels

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a multidisciplinary artist based out of Los Angeles, currently studying theatre and entrepreneurship at UCLA. I will be attending Columbia University in the fall to pursue my MFA in Theatre Producing.


M A D web design started with a passion to help other artists and innovative small business owners take the next step in their careers. 

I am a proudly self taught designer and Wix Verified Partner, whose primary goal is to help each of my clients define their personal brand and enhance their career through our work together. 

From my clients

Jil Chrissie

My website was beautifully crafted with one of the most professional people I've worked with in a while! Mary Alex Daniels ... She's extremely friendly, informative and QUICK! Let her lace you up too! She helped me create the perfect site to match me brand. She brought my ideas to life!


Arsen Tujian

Mary Alex’s website design was perfect for my needs. She is able to tailor the website exactly to your brand and create a wonderfully laid out, concise portfolio of your work. She found the perfect color palette and theme that fit my work as a composer. She seamlessly embedded all of my compositions, media, and resumes into one cohesive site. Her service is both efficient and incredibly well executed, while also being a great collaborative experience that ends with a website that really feels like it was made just for you.

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Paige Realmuto

Mary Alex was paramount in the creation of my blog. Without her, the site would have never left my imagination. She responded quickly, really listened to what I wanted, and has an eye for color and design. She takes your idea for a site and elevates it to something even greater.


Jacob Cherry

Mary Alex Daniels worked professionally and patiently alongside me every step of the way. As an artist herself, she brought a strong sense of creativity and imagination when developing my website. This was my first website creation, and I felt I didn't know where to start, but Mary Alex was the most helpful guide through the daunting process. She is an excellent and trustworthy teammate, and a perfect person to bounce ideas off of, because her goal is the same as yours: she wants you to succeed.


Justin Eick

When our company was tasked with creating an online learning platform on a restricted time table, Mary Alex provided invaluable logistical support which greatly aided in delivering the project on time and under budget. As our lead on navigational design, Mary Alex created the organizational site map necessary to provide site users with a user friendly interface. Her creativity and attention to detail was matched only by her tireless work ethic and positive attitude.


Tylene De Vine

Mary Alex has a natural skill: she can take an idea, find a color scheme and logo, and use her patience to help me formulate the best tone for my business. She reached out several times daily to give me updates to her progress. She kept her enthusiasm for my ideas, even when I teetered back and forth. If you need a website designer, give Mary Alex a call. I am so happy that I did!


Andrew Agh

Creating a website was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or how to properly showcase my work. Mary Alex Daniels made buying a domain and creating a website fast and simple! I have complete faith in her services and would recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.


Caroline Rose

Mary Alex’s web design skills and creative eye are exactly what every website needs. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and she makes sure to really listen to your ideas and input.  Affordable, quick, and personalized website design doesn’t get any better than this.  Mary Alex but in a tremendous amount of work to ensure that every section looked sleek, was eye catching, and easy to navigate. 

Goldfarb Headshot copy (1).JPG

Jake Goldfarb

Mary Alex was super helpful when it came to developing my website! She was very knowledgeable about color palettes and design choices that aren’t really what I excel at. Super easy to work with and very flexible. Would highly recommend her services!